A little about me……


I am a widowed parent of two, currently residing in New Braunfels, Texas. My children lost their dad about 3 years ago.  He passed away unexpectedly in his sleep, and though his health was not stellar, we will never have any closure on why he died that day.

My blog is a very personal and raw journey, as you will follow me through my childhood, the loss of my mother, grandfather, all of the struggles of being the parent of a special needs parent, and the loss of my husband and how our little family has had to rebuild a new life while in the throws of grief.

“My Cup Runneth Over” is a quotation from the Hebrew Bible, meaning “I have more than I need”, though you hear it used more in a sarcastic manner.  For me, those words are spoken when my emotions are running high….or running low.  When I am loving with everything I have, and when it all becomes too much.

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