Happy Turkey Day!!

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So my very first post happens to be the day before Thanksgiving 2014.  I’ve posted a few older pictures that basically sums up our Thanksgiving.  My favorite green bean casserole from Tyler Florence, my babies, and my “little” cousin’s birthday, which we also celebrate on Thanksgiving.

This is one of the few holidays my small family gets together. We need to do it more often, we always tell each other!!  This year Katy and her groom, Johnny, are hosting. I’m very grateful for that, because I’ve just gotten over a horrible stomach bug. She is doing all of that work this go round, as we celebrate HER birthday!!  Sorry Katy!

I am thankful for healthy children. I am thankful that my daughter blossoms more and more every day with her autism. I am thankful that my son is articulate and has such a good personality. I am thankful for my small family, and for being healthy.

What are you thankful?  This is the time to remember and be grateful.

p.s. – here is the link to my favorite recipe!!