Is Your Pet Missing?


You are missing your beloved pet, so what do you do??  I have compiled a list of important tasks for you to hit hard the MINUTE your pet gets away from you.  Time is of the essence.  If you don’t make the time to find your pet, you should not have that pet in the first place.

(1)  Depending on the temperament of your pet, walk or drive the neighborhood calling their name (duh, right?).  If they are food driven or skittish, carry treats or their favorite food.

(2) Knock on your neighbors doors and alert them, as well as any nearby stores or businesses.

(3) FLYERS, FLYERS, and more FLYERS….your neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Take them to local vets, businesses, etc. Consider having a poster made for your yard so that your lost pet doesn’t get forgotten by others in your community.

(4) Create the lost pet’s own facebook page, and make sure the privacy settings are on PUBLIC.


Read my prior blog about what can happen to your pet if you don’t search for him/her.  I created this story from the dog’s perspective.

(6) Go back home and post on ALL the following websites that you have lost your pet.  Include their name, description, and anything they were wearing at the time of the escape (collar, harness, clothing, etc.).  Also, include a picture of your pet and the closest main intersection where they went missing. Do NOT include your home address.

LOST DOG WEBSITES/FACEBOOK PAGES:  FYI, Facebook is a VERY strong source of networking.  If you know of someone without internet access, or they are not familiar with Facebook, help them out!!





Here are some other tips from the City of San Antonio:


Funny thing is….


I’m not sure what switched over in me recently.  I have a greater sense of empathy, and I thought I already was overflowing with that.  I admit that I am human, and I have made comments about others and made fun of them, like most people are guilty of doing.  I don’t really know anyone who has not, and it seems the true Christians are the most judgemental.

It is so easy to judge someone, but that is only their top layer. You don’t know what they live on a daily basis.  Everyone has hardships, loss, health issues, heartbreak, and disappointment.  When you make it all about you, you can’t see past yourself, and therefore, you cannot empathize with others suffering.

I have many obstacles in my life that make it impossible to sail through without a hitch.  I am always getting sidetracked, and I never take time for myself.  There are many others like me, that never have the opportunity to embrace their own self, and discover new wonderful traits….to truly over yourself.  Life gets in the way, and stopping to smell the roses…..well, that expression irritates me, because who has time to stop and smell the darn roses?  Lol.

Here is what I have noticed….walking outside on a beautiful day like today eases my mind. The sunshine, the silence (okay, so we live near an airport and the dogs are barking, but hey!)  We have these amazing sunsets, which I shared in another post.  I could LOSE myself in these sunsets, and I’m always taking pictures so that I have something to look at if I ever have to leave our home.

Everyone has something that comforts them. GO to that place more often and give yourself that time out. I’m trying myself…..really trying.  You just have to decompress, give yourself a break. Life is not easy, and it is impossible to stay positive 24/7.

Take the time to consider your word choices.  Hurtful comments do nothing, but place a weight on the other person.  Think about that weight that YOU carry, and how badly it affects you on a day to day basis.

Be kind to others.  You never know what their struggles are.

My Guardian Angel


Has anyone had a revelation out of the blue?  More specifically, have you been pumping gas, playing with the dogs, putting on your kids shoes, etc., and something very profound hits you like a ton of bricks. It either makes you feel warm and fuzzy, or it knocks the wind out of you. I’ve had this happen to me twice.  And I’m a lucky one, because both were warm and fuzzy. Don’t be shocked, now. Most of my posts are sad and all about my daily battles….this one is not.

I was driving to my ex-fiance’s house in Lake McQueeny.  I wasn’t listening to music because my mind was cluttered with many troubled thoughts.  It was silent, almost deafening, but it was what I needed at the time.

I drove over a hill and was met with a very dark sky.  There was an opening in the sky with a blinding light shining through it.  I could barely see and had to slow down.  I found it strange that this particular area of the sky was dark.  I slowed down and continued, when I felt a tingly feeling in my stomach, and it shot all the way down to my toes. It was an uneasy sensation at first, so I pulled over to the side of the road.  This particular road was always was always very busy, but today, there wasn’t another car in sight.  I sat there, staring up into this light that was glaring down on me.  Though it wasn’t really glaring, it was WATCHING.  Like someone was watching me, but not in a creepy way, in a protective way.  I felt my body grow warm, as if someone were wrapping their arms around me.  It made me shiver, but at the same time, my heart was beating so fast, and I wanted to NEVER leave this spot. I was there until it grew dark.  Leaving that spot would have been physically painful.

Till this day, I know it was my mother.  Watching over me, taking away my troubles, and making me feel her love.  I don’t have anything to hold on to of my mother’s.  Everything was given away.  But I will always have this day.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy



This kid…he wants me want to laugh with some of his comments, and at the same time, I want strangle him.  Ha, of course I don’t mean that, but every mother knows how boys can be, and they really do give you a run for your money.  This boy knows how to push my buttons, and does it every chance he can.

As a sibling to a special needs sister, Reagan does have different issues going on, though I’m not sure how to help him just yet.  He is very much about routine, and changing his routine does not sit well with him. He gets very agitated, sometimes cries, and is very out of sorts for awhile. He wants me to CARRY him to the couch in the mornings before school. He has a special handshake and a specific way to say goodbye to his dad while walking out the door for the bus stop. He has a similar ritual at bedtime with his dad.  If the ritual is disrupted, he will make his dad repeat it over and over again until it is just right.  He cannot rest until all is well.

He is VERY anxious if his bus is coming down the road, even though it is not anywhere close.  He is always stressed out about something, to the point where he will toss and turn at bedtime. He asks me, “what do we do if a tsunami comes?  What about a tornado?” And his studies….he asks me almost every single day, “if I don’t pass the STAR test, will I have to repeat the 3rd grade?” when he is a very smart boy, just tries to race his classmates and needs to slow down.

How can I take all of these burdens away from him?  I do pay attention to his reactions when his sister is having a meltdown, either screaming or thrashing about. He looks away from me, but I can see his lip trembling. I’ve spoken with him so many times, asking him what I can do, to make it all easier for him. I don’t think he knows how to express himself, but it causes him so much undue stress.  I just don’t want that for him.  It breaks my heart.

How do you take away your children’s worries?  Do you let them live and learn?  Do you coddle them and tell them that everything will be okay?

Happy Bleepity Bleep Valentine’s Day!


One of Bailey’s traits of autism is not understanding the concept of time.  Her least favorite statement, and one that is a trigger for her meltdowns, is “it’s not time yet”.  Oh boy, do we get a very reactive girl with that statement. And no, calendars do NOT work.  She sees the calendar come out, and watch out.

She really wanted to take her Valentine’s box to school today. It is just not time yet.  I had to assure her that I would have it for her after school, just to get her on the bus without screaming at poor Dorothy, her bus aide. And then I headed back to the house to forewarn her teachers that she was NOT a happy camper, and why.

This is my life. I have an autistic child.  I love her no more or no less because of it.  She is one that needs a lot extra, and it is very draining, but she is my daughter, and that is what you do.

I already know I’ll have another battle in the morning when she doesn’t leave with that bleep bleepity bleep Valentine’s box. If you feel the earth shudder, that would be her!!

A Sunset Just For Me


This is my favorite sunset picture thus far, and there have been a lot of very beautiful sunsets.  My grandparents bought this house 20+ years ago when I was 15 years old.  This is why they chose this house…the view in the backyard, where it just drops off.  There used to not be any homes down the bluff, but now there are.  It breaks my heart to see trees getting chopped and the wildlife scattering away from the noise of construction. It was their home first, after all.

This sunset was presented to me when I needed it the most.  Bailey was having a hard day and having serious meltdowns. She had punched me when I was trying to soothe her and stop her from hurting herself.  She calmed down eventually, and went to her room to play. Me, on the other hand….I tend to hold on to my stresses.  I was having a hard time breathing and I really just wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I saw this sunset outside and I went out to take a picture of it.

It took my breathe away with all of the different shades of oranges and pinks.  I believe that God made it just for me, to let me know that I was loved, that I was going to be okay. Bailey was going to be okay. All of my troubles sorta just went up into this mass of beauty, and I went back into my house feeling like I could move forward.

I can’t imagine not seeing sunsets every evening.  I grew up in this home.  There are very vivid memories of my Grandpa with his binoculars bird watching, and chuckling at squirrels chasing each other from tree to tree. Oh, how he loved squirrels. I can still see him with the water hose and that silly Gilligan hat, pouring water into the bird bath. I remember helping him put up a tall bird house, and a bat flying out of it and getting stuck in my hair. I still laugh about that, though I didn’t at the time.  I was the typical dramatic teenager with the Aqua Net hairspray, so this bat was stuck and I was a hot mess. I can’t imagine not envisioning my Grandpa walking around this home that was ours. When my Grandma passes, I will have the same memories of her. My Uncle Walter planted these gorgeous orange flowers, that have grown like a vine. They wind up one of our trees and are bright and lovely. I wish I could remember what they are called, but Uncle Walter’s memory lives here as well.

And my mother….this was the last time I saw her before the hospital where she died.  She came to see me. I was so nervous because it had been so long. I can still hear her loud cackle, she was so happy to be here. She fell back on my bed and clapped her hands as she laughed. Like a little kid, all giddy.  And then we laid in the hammock right on the bluff and were swinging there and talking. She told me a little bit about my dad, whom was not in my life. She told me she was sorry for all of her wrongs, and she told me how much she loved me. The next that I saw her, she was in the hospital and then she was gone.

This home means a lot to me. Not many understand that. There are memories everywhere, instilled in my heart. My children love it here and they know it as HOME. I  just can’t imagine leaving.