Orlando Madness


Everyone keeps asking about our very first family vacation to Orlando, and we’ve found it hard to find the words. Frankly, it’s a little embarrassing that we cannot have the normal family vacation, to be honest with you. Most families would say, “omg, we had a blast!”, “we rode this crazy ride and thought we were gonna die!”, “we laughed so hard the whole time”, “can’t wait to go back.”

Well, we were so happy to be HOME, but at the same time, we had to give it a try.  We had to venture out, take some risks, and hope for the best.

Let me start with the facts. The Cabana Bay Resort is very hip, retro, and has a fun environment. They play the 50s and 60s music 24/7, which is pretty cool, as you are walking through the lobby or in the outdoor pools. I loved that all of their décor was colorful and bright with all modern touches. One of the diner’s had a bowling alley, and another diner had those big theater screens that used to be in then old drive in movie theaters, with hot dog doing flips and dancing popcorn boxes (who remembers these at the drive in?). I wish I could say I don’t remember those.  Old much?

The front staff was fresh, young and perky. I swear they had to pass a beauty test upon hire. Everyone was warm and welcoming. The room was wonderful as well, same funky décor, nice and bright.

Some of the resort negatives…….the pillows had no support. The food options were very limited. Seriously, I wanted to throw up crinkle fries when we got home. EVERY DAY WITH THE CRINKLE FRIES. There was NO ice cream. What the heck?? No ice cream on any dessert menus, no ice cream bar. Not gonna fly!!

The lone fact that there was a Starbucks in the hotel is what sold me on the resort. Starbucks saves the day yet again 🙂

Let me get a wee bit more personal about our vacay, since I finally found the right words to describe it, and I stand by these words 110%.

“We had a lot of really great moments.”

I will run down all of the positives, because even though we were under a lot of duress almost the entire trip, there were, in fact, these moments.

I beat Reagan in two bowling games. BOOM.  I beat Reagan in several air hockey games. BOOM. Yes, I AM a machine, and you don’t want to challenge me to air hockey.

Bailey was such a happy girl, WHEN she was in the water or in a store. Happy Happy, I tell you!!  Keeping her in the water and in a store was a challenge. We were wet and wrinkled or broke, but our kid was happy. When she wasn’t in the water or a store, we were running from the scene of a very loud crime. Running from ignorant families and their judgemental stares, and running towards water or a store.  No doubt, I was always picking her up off the floor, grasping her hand, running, and not looking back.

How about a positive?

Bailey and I had some wonderful conversations that I will never forget, despite the marathons. We sat in a huge comfy red chair, and we discussed the names of all her ponies and paw patrol toys. We talked about her best friend that changed schools, and how much she misses him. We talked about why she doesn’t like nail polish, or having her ears pierced.

l only posted the moments where the kids were in the zone. Happy, giggly, excited, silly…..because people don’t get it…..but they do get happy, smiling children, so that is what Facebook got 🙂

Those who know us personally, or those who can relate in some form or fashion, know that we live in a rainbow of chaos.

Happy Birthday, Rondia!


Happy Birthday, Rondia 🙂

This was the only way for  me to reach you, so why not blog about you and what our friendship has meant to me?

People come and go into your life, and every single one makes a foot print in your heart forever. You and I  were best friends since I was 8 years old, and we have many childhood years of riding bikes, exploring, listening to Donna Summers, playing Barbies, teasing and hiding from my Grandpa, and being goofy and giggly at things that others would never get.

As we grew into teenagers, we were dramatic, flirty, and we really knew how to have such a wonderful time with each other. You made me laugh so hard with your big eye and eyebrow faces, and we cracked each other up with our “ugly faces”, LOL.  We listened to Poison, and we danced and laughed, and we took each day on with such an amazing playful spirit. Life was grand and carefree.

We grew into adulthood, and were by each other’s side as we had our hearts broken for the first time, fell in love for the first time, and experienced all of the rollercoaster emotions that men put us ladies on!

I am the one that backpedaled on our friendship. I have no problem telling you that it was my fault. Our personalities had become very different, but even though that happened, you were always a good friend to me. I’m so sorry that I let our friendship go, and that I allowed that disconnect to happen.

Having you  contact me after ten+ years was an awesome, giddy feeling. I was so nervous meeting back up with you, as you were, which was surprising, but funny. Like meeting up with an old boyfriend….that same butterfly feeling. Because we did share everything and we were that close. There was a nice, comforting familiarity, and our pragmatics were easy and free.

YOUR personality has blossomed, and you have become outgoing and open minded. You have become a mother, and becoming a mother makes any women a better person. This is a lot like starting over in a brand new friendship, but even better with the groundwork already laid out.

And here I am, apologizing yet again, but this time my reasons are real and genuine. How I wish I could let you into my reality, so that you could really grasp what my life is right now. I still want your friendship, but I cannot be all that I was before. My household is chaos, my mind is cluttered, and my daily activities are sheer craziness. We are on our first family vacation right now, and sadly, it doesn’t essentially FEEL like a vacation. We will never be a normal family. We won’t even ever be a dysfunctional family. I wish 🙂

Please contact me, Rondia, as I have a new phone with a new number. I will also give you my email address. Please don’t leave me another “perplexed” comment here on my blog. My blog is public, and for me to post my apologies in a public blog is a really big deal to me. Please know that you have always been in my thoughts, and I am really sorry that I have let us disconnect yet again. I am a mother of an autistic child. This disability causes me a lot of stress, and I have been struggling with depression. These are not excuses, these are the facts. I do want to stay in contact, and I do want to get together when I can. I’m sorry that I cannot contact you by phone at my leisure, but  calling anyone at my leisure is not an option for me anymore. My life revolves around my kids, and that is just how it is now. If you would rather not contact me, that is fine, too, but I’m trying to explain my stance in advance in case you don’t want any part of it.

I love you always!!  Happy Birthday!


(210) 762-0565