Gracie Girl – RIP 1/5/2019

Ross found Gracie’s intake picture on the Animal Care Services website when we were wanting to foster a big dog. Her picture was regal and majestic, and he said that her face was sad and soulful.

We saved her from that horrible place, and me, Reagan and Bailey brought her home to safety.  From that day forward, she was soft and tender through and through, and never had anything but unconditional love to give each and every person that crossed her path. She loved anyone and everyone, and she would literally stand under your hand until you pet her.  She would be so content with an accidental touch, even, and never asked for anything, but a full belly and nice long naps sporadically throughout the day. She was truly an amazingly sweet, unbelievably nurturing spirit.

As she got older, she had lots of issues such as incontinence, signs of dementia, and she had these adoring old lady qualities that we loved so much….barking her “double bark”….where she would bark one time and her second bark would be silent. That second one would not come out for nothing.  She would pace around the house and not even realize that she was dropping poopies all over the floor. So maybe that isn’t really a “great” memory, but Bailey would go downstairs and yell up to me…”mom, time to Easter egg hunt”…in other words, time to follow the poop trail and clean the floor. Poor Gracie was just napping contently and not even aware of her surprise poops disbursed about our home. And what did she care, anyway? 😉

She was our Queen. We served her meals to her on the couch. We covered her with blankets. We laid with her and loved on her as much as humanly possible. We were not the perfect or most responsible dog owners, admittedly, but we loved her, and she knew what love was, and she knew she had a home with us forever.

That is what I have to focus on…that she had more than most did…she was so very much loved and adored…she will always be our Queen…she will be so very missed.

My heart hurts so badly with our loss of this beautiful soul.  I cannot believe that I will never see her sweet old face again.  The way she would stare at me while I was sitting with her, and when I wouldn’t stare back at her, she would whimper, or even bark once at me, like, “HELLO, I am here…LOVE me, TOUCH me”…she was a big pile of mushy hearts and flowers and all of the beautiful, but sad songs playing in the backdrop as she watched you go about your day.  That is how she was to me, a vision of love and beauty, just sitting there and wanting to walk around and follow you, but too tired and old to do so.

She only wanted your love.  She deserved everything and more. I cannot bear the thought of never seeing or laying with her ever again.  My heart is broken into a million pieces.


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